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A fun and informative day for you and your best friend A fun and informative day for you and your best friend
Enhance Performance & Reduce Risk Of Injury

Canine Massage Workshop Dates 2010

If you are looking for a natural and effective way of supporting and resolving issues with your dogs health then you are in the right place!

Whether your dog is limping or lame, stiff or has slowed down, dog massage can help to resolve these common issues. Conditions like arthritis and hip dysplasia can be supported to help pain management and make your dogs quality of life more enjoyable. For the Agility Dog performance can be enhanced and persistant problems like knocking down jumps can become a thing of the past. Show Dogs also benefit immensley from Canine Massage by helping to correct gait irregularities, and aids the nervous or touch shy dog to help them become more accepting of being handled in and out of the ring.

As a natural, drug free method of non-invasive pain relief, dog massage is a wonderful, holistic therapy that most dogs enjoy and look forward to!

Your dog may benefit from Massage Therapy if any of the following sound familiar:

Difficulty and stiffness when rising from a sitting or lying down position
• Intermittent lameness
• Agility/Flyball dog
• Uneven gait
• Back/Neck/Shoulder Issues
• Wobbly back legs
• Twitches down back when stroked
• Behavioural Changes e.g.: depressed, unwilling to be touched
• Unwilling to go for a walk
• Uninterested in play
• Difficulty in going up/down stairs
• Difficulty in getting in/out of car
• Unwilling to allow paws to be touched

I hold a Diploma in Canine Massage Therapy as well as Certification In The Anatomy & Physiology of Dogs, so you can be assured that your Best Friend is in good hands.

Areas I cover for Dog Massage.
Dog Massage in….Worcestershire, Kidderminster, Stourport, Malvern, Worcester, Bewdley
Dog Massage in…West Midlands, Solihull, Halesowen, Birmingham, Town Centre,
Dog Massage in Staffordshire, Wolverhampton

or why not hold a Canine Massage Day in your home town ANYWHERE in the UK! Just contact me for more details.

Sound Interesting? Then why not give me, Natalie Lenton, a call for a free, informal telephone consultation to see if Dog Massage is able to benefit your Best Friend.

For a Free Telephone Consulation or to find out more
call Natalie Lenton BA Hons 01562 630535 or 07877 540728 9am - 8pm Monday-Saturday